Artist Feature | Caity of Caitlyn Nicole Boudoir + Caitlyn Nicole Photography


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I love love love this studio! This space has given me the opportunity to hold space and empower so many women. I've heard their stories, cried tears (both happy and sad), and been fortunate enough to capture their vulnerability.

Amber is always such a ray of encouragement and sunshine. Everything is so easy and straightforward to handle business-wise and the rest is just letting the creativity shine ✨


What drew you to Studio 557?

I was looking for a space to rent and the blank space full of potential was perfect. Plus, those WINDOWS.

I'm able to create scenes for my clients and play with plants, shadows, and lighting for the perfect vibes.


What is your favorite thing about shooting at Studio 557?

Besides the windows - just the opportunity to have a blank space and make it mine. Again, Amber is so easy to work with and such a light to the community!


Learn more about Caity

I'm a boudoir + couple boudoir photographer. I'm super passionate about holding space for others and providing a safe, healing space. I'm a yoga + reiki instructor as well, and I truly believe that everyone deserves to feel whole + happy. Boudoir is an art form where I have the privilege of capturing you in not just an intimate setting but such a space of vulnerability, and as we all know from Brene Brown, vulnerability is actually one of the strongest things we can lean into.

I'm on Instagram @caitlynnicolephotography and @caitlynnicoleboudoir, where I share my work, my little family, and living the country life. I'm very open and imperfectly share my journey as I recover from trauma, and I am just doing my best.


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