Artist Feature | Sarah Leying

Bridal Photography Studio at the Studio 557 | Holly Springs, NC

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This entire session was a bit sentimental for me, as it was truly a full circle moment. Angela and I had briefly met when I was hospitalized for extreme OCD years ago. At the time, she was a nursing student who served my unit with such refreshing kindness and dignity, and years later, I’ve been so blessed to be able to honor her in return as her wedding photographer.

What drew you to Studio 557?

I adore blank spaces for portrait sessions. They strip away distractions and allow my client and me to put the feel of the session together like a puzzle, start to finish. For Angela’s bridals, we just worked with Studio 557’s existing white walls, which were perfect for her elegant portraits!

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Based in Chapel Hill, NC, Sarah creates artful and honest photographs of weddings and families. Her work’s goal is to seek out the love of God in every person and to capture their story with accuracy and compassion. Sarah can be found at and @sarahleying on Instagram.
Angela's Bridal Portraits at the Studio 557