Meet Phil,

Studio 557's Longest Living Permanent Resident


Walking into Studio 557 is an immediate stress reliever. The white walls, ceiling, and whitewashed floors, with lots of sunshine, makes a perfect workspace for photographers, videographers, and other creatives.

Amber and Phil

A glance around the space and you’ll immediately see studio owner, Amber Smith, has a passion for plant life. Everywhere are white pots filled with luscious green plants. It seems that the studio is the perfect environment to grow just about anything. Yes, they are all alive, including Phil, the Fiddle Leaf Fig, standing majestically behind the sofa in the Workshop Studio.


Phil’s journey to Studio 557 is an interesting one. He grew up in Fuquay Varina, starting as a Home Depot purchase in a 10” potted plant, finding the perfect light in the corner of Amber’s parents’ sunroom in their new house. He enjoyed the luxury of regular watering and the appropriate amount of fertilizer, which encouraged him to grow and grow. In the Spring of 2021, much to his dismay, he found himself out of space. His newest leaves were brushing the 10’ ceiling. Where was he to grow from there?


Mom and Dad had found the perfect “housewarming” gift for Studio 557. Allowing Phil to move from Fuquay to Holly Springs gave him another 10+ feet of growing room, he would fit right in with the vegetation and he would love the light. His transport was accomplished with the help of a recreational vehicle, a dolly, a bit of muscle to get him up a couple of flights of stairs, and some onlookers who asked “Is that real?” He was transplanted into an appropriately white-colored pot, so he would fit in. Then he snuggled in behind the sofa and smiled at his new home.


Phil has shown his appreciation by growing another couple of feet in the ensuing months since his relocation, including adding a couple of branches to his tall thin trunk. Next time you visit Studio 557, whether renting the studio space or attending a class or event, be sure to say “hi” to Phil. He enjoys the attention. Like Phil, you can grow and expand your business by soaking in the sunlight at Studio 557.


Guest Post Submitted by

Community Workshop Instructor Cindy Foster of I Hunt Dead People (aka Phil's first Momma)