Who We Are

Studio 557 is a community of diverse, creative individuals from all walks of life, personally and professionally. No matter where you are on your journey, you are celebrated and welcomed with open arms. We offer a safe space to learn and create amongst like-minded people. Welcome home.


Our Core Values



You are an original piece of art, there is no one else like you. We are passionate about supporting and empowering the creative needs of entrepreneurs. We provide the tools to hone your craft and serve your clients well, all you need to do is bring the creativity. 


Community + Collaboration

We are more than a studio with four walls and desks. We are a community of passionate creative entrepreneurs who thrive to use their resources for good and have a strong desire to make an impact in this world. Being a part of our community means being a part of something bigger than just your business. We encourage and foster a collaborative mentality where we learn and grow from each other. Being a small business owner is already hard enough, you don't need to do it alone and we are here to encourage, motivate, and support you on your journey.



We embrace and celebrate the differences that make each of us as individuals unique. Your life experiences, your heritage, how you identify, who you love, and how you live your day-to-day life matter. It’s these experiences that shape us as creative individuals and are reflected in the art we create. Our community thrives on the richness of its diversity - encompassing different cultures, perspectives, attitudes, and ideas. 



All are welcome and celebrated! In our community, you are seen and loved for who you are without judgment. Studio 557 provides a safe space to learn and grow, allowing you to express yourself through your art. Our entire community is here to support you, and cheer you on!



We are committed to creating a space for all creatives to grow and scale their business, no matter where they are in their journey or what obstacles they may have encountered in life. Our commitment to equity includes providing memberships to minority, underserved, and marginalized groups of individuals at no cost. Just as creativity has no limits, an artist should not be limited due to their access to resources, or financial barriers.



Our community is driven by mutual respect and trust for one another and our community, respect for our space and our resources, and respect for each other and our art. Respect is rooted in caring about how our actions affect others, and how we value the feelings and well-being of every individual in our community.

Non-Discrimination and Harassment Policy

Our community is diverse and a place where every single individual is celebrated and is considered family. Discrimination or harassment of any kind, has no place in our space and absolutely will not be tolerated. Every single person who steps foot into our space has the right to feel safe, welcome, and be treated with dignity and respect. Anyone who violates this policy may be asked to leave at any time. Choose joy and always spread kindness.